Did you know?  The OCCK Business Office handles a wide variety of tasks on a daily basis to support all of the services and departments offered to customers and families.  Staff in the Business Office include Patrick Wallerius, VP/CFO, Erin Murray, Comptroller, Lori Jackson, Funding Coordinator, Darcy Hopkins, Bookkeeper, Paula Carpenter, Administrative Support Specialist, Nita Dalton, Accounting Specialist, and Becky Krahl, Accounting Specialist.  Although this group works behind the scenes, their input is extremely valuable and keeps all of the pieces moving.   

An important part of the Business Office work is funding and billing various sources.  Lori Jackson works behind the scenes as OCCK’s Funding Coordinator and has been in this role since 2009.  She started her career with the company in 1995 as a Data Management Specialist and worked through various roles over the years.  She has a vast knowledge of physical and electronic systems, services, and rules and regulations.  Lori is very detail oriented, which serves her well in this job. 

As the Funding Coordinator, Lori works closely with a variety of individuals and organizations to help OCCK stay on track.  She gathers information for several annual audits.  These audits verify financial and other records to ensure compliance with rules and regulations.

  She also keeps busy with credentialing all services with the State of Kansas and the three Managed Care Organizations that we work with, Aetna Better Health of Kansas, Sunflower Health Plan and UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Kansas.  Credentialing is a process that these agencies require, and we have to verify the education, training and professional experiences of our staff to show that we meet their requirements for acting as a service provider.  It is a very long and detailed process that is required on a frequent basis, especially with the addition of new services and new staff.   Without this process, we would not be able to provide the services we do to our customers and families. 

 Lori is also responsible for monthly billings through Medicaid, Medicare, Vocational Rehabilitation, the Kansas Department of Transportation and various other grants and funding sources.  Each month, Lori works through many Excel spreadsheets and other documents, while working with various departments of OCCK, in order to bill for the services we provide.  Each of the different funding sources used by the different departments requires a unique way of submitting fees and expenses.  It takes Lori a few weeks to complete this task every month.  But without it, OCCK wouldn’t be able to be paid for services.  Lori enjoys the challenges created by working with a variety of people. 

 Although you may not see them out and about, the OCCK Business Office is a key part of the infrastructure of OCCK.  Without their day-to-day functions, our departments and services would not be able to function.  We are so thankful to have Pat, Erin, Lori, Darcy, Paula, Nita and Becky as a part of the OCCK team.  For more information about OCCK’s services, visit our website at www.occk.com or follow us on social media. 

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