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To help with bill advancement, we encourage you to reach out to your local legislators to share your stories and insight.

  • How to Communicate With a Legislator

    Email is a fast, usually efficient way to contact your legislator. It is particularly important to use a letter-writing set of guidelines when writing an email. Legislators get an increasing number of emails, and being more formal will help your message get across.  

    Email Tips:

    • The email should be brief. A short, concise email is effective. Close with, “If you need additional information, please let me know.”
    • If you are writing about a specific bill, include the bill number and a brief statement at the beginning of the email.
    • Discuss only one bill in your email. This makes it easier for a legislator or staff member to track. If you want to discuss another bill, send another email.
    • Your email should be well written and your tone sincere and polite.


    Your email should also include the following:

    • A brief statement (10 words or less) on the subject and bill number
    • An introduction of yourself that tells why you are interested in or concerned about the bill
    • A personal anecdote/story about how the bill will affect you, your family, your community, your business, your job, your school, etc.
    • Some facts, including supporting information and data to support your position
    • An invitation to contact you to discuss the bill
    • A request for a reply if you need one
    • A statement of appreciation for consideration of your position
    • Your home address and telephone number
  • How to Contact Your Kansas Senator

    Kansas is divided into districts, and one senator represents each district. Your district is determined by your legal residence. 

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  • How to Contact Your Kansas Representative

    Kansas is divided into districts, and one representative represents each district. Your district is determined by your legal residence

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