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The Solution Outreach Center can help you to participate more independently anywhere through our Kansas assistive technology services and resources. By modifying items in your home, school, or workplace, you can accomplish daily living tasks, participate in your education or recreation activities, and maintain your employment. Services include the below. 

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  • Assistive Technology Assessments

    Whether you or a business is seeking a solution, we can assist you. Assistive technology specialists match your capabilities and needs to the characteristics of an assistive technology device or service. A technology specialist will partner with you to:

    • Discuss needs.
    • Show potential solutions.
    • Explore funding options.
    • Provide training.
  • Statewide Equipment Loan (“Try Before You Buy”)

    Did you know you can try equipment before you buy? Do you need to borrow equipment for a short period of time? The Solution Outreach Center operates the Statewide Equipment Loan System for the ATK Project, which has equipment for short-term loan, so you, a provider, an employer, a teacher, and/or others can determine if a device meets their needs.

    Equipment can be borrowed from the ATK Equipment Loan System for up to four weeks. A small inventory of devices is available from the regional AT Access Sites. The “try before you buy” concept allows you the opportunity to try a variety of devices to make sure they will meet your needs prior to purchasing the device.

    Categories of equipment include worksite modifications, vehicle modifications, home modifications, toys, daily living help, and tools to help with vision, hearing, speech, and more.

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  • Kansas Equipment Exchange

    Kansas Adult Medical Services and the ATK Project are working together to operate a statewide Durable Medical Equipment (DME) reuse program. Kansas Equipment Exchange (KEE) is designed to quickly move DME that is not being used and is still in good shape (or could be returned to good shape) to Kansans who need equipment. Through KEE, eligible Kansans can get quality refurbished DME at no charge.

    As one of the five regional Assistive Technology Access Sites overseeing this activity, the Solution Outreach Center works with anyone to make these exchanges possible. We have over 3,000 pieces of equipment to loan.

    Do you have equipment that you no longer need and would like to donate it? KEE also accepts donated equipment and will pick it up for you! Would you like to help in another way? We’re always looking for volunteers to transport equipment and can reimburse you for your mileage.

    If you need equipment or have some to donate, contact the Solution Outreach Center below or the KEE at (620) 421-4514.

  • Kansas AgrAbility

    Would adaptive equipment make it easier for you or a family member to continue farming? As you age or become injured, the Kansas AgrAbility Project can offer education and assistance on safe, affordable ways for you to continue to work on the farm and maintain your lifestyle. The goal of AgrAbility is to inform, educate, and assist you with your agricultural needs. Each year, AgrAbility helps hundreds of people succeed in agricultural production and rural community life.

    The Solution Outreach Center is one of three AgrAbility sites in Kansas. Our staff combines their knowledge of agriculture with disability expertise to provide you with the specialized services needed to safely accommodate you in everyday farm and ranch operations. To assist in making the farm worksite, home, or rural business more accessible, an AT specialist can provide at no cost:

    • Agricultural worksite assessments.
    • Recommendations for modifications or adaptations to farm equipment, home, and tools for accessibility.
    • Peer support from other people in agricultural businesses.
    • Knowledge of adaptations, equipment changes, and resources to meet your needs.
    • Improved access for children with disabilities who live with a family member who has an agricultural business.

    AgrAbility is part of a national network of AgrAbility Projects administered by the United States Department of Agriculture as authorized by the 1990 Farm Bill.

    Visit AgrAbility Website

  • Telecommunications Access Program (TAP)

    Would a free phone with pictures, large keys, or amplified sound help you communicate? The Kansas Telecommunications Access Program (TAP) provides specialized equipment to Kansans in order to access basic home telephone services. Kansas residents with existing telephone service and income below $55,000 per year will qualify if they also have trouble hearing, seeing, speaking, walking, remembering, or holding a telephone.

  • Community Education/Workshops

    Would you like to have certified professionals come present and demonstrate equipment to your group? The Solution Outreach Center offers training opportunities to anyone regarding assistive technology devices and their uses. Demonstrations and presentations for conferences and community groups are available to enhance awareness of the many benefits of assistive technology.

  • Business Consultations

    Are you an employer that wants to assist your employees in breaking down barriers through their workday? Are you an employer that has an employee that would benefit from adaptive equipment? The Solution Outreach Center provides business consultation to assist businesses with:

    • Job modifications for an individual returning to work following an injury or a current employee having trouble at their desk.
    • Developing accommodations to assist employees with disabilities to enhance job performance or prevent injuries. The modifications could be as simple as a different keyboard, repositioning the items on the work surface, or different seating.
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Did You Know?

  • More than 1 billion people need one or more assistive products.
  • Nineteen percent of farmers in the United States have a disability.
  • Today, only one in 10 people in need have access to assistive products.
  • Assistive technology keeps people independent and in the labor workforce.
  • Assistive technology reduces the need for formal health and support services, long-term care, and reliance on others.
  • Assistive technology can help children with a disability fully participate in natural, inclusive learning environments.
  • It is estimated that AgrAbility has provided direct on-farm services to more than 11,900 people since it began in 1991, and indirect services such as information and referral to hundreds of thousands.

Counties Our Services Are Provided

The Assistive Tech Loan Library is accessible to people throughout Kansas, while other assistive technology services are available in the below counties. If you do not see your county listed, you may contact us to discuss providing assistive technology and disability devices in Kansas’ rural areas or outside the listed counties.

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