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Our Mission

OCCK exists with a three-fold mission to help people fulfill their individual needs as well as meet identified community needs within North Central Kansas. We are committed to:

  • Promoting and contributing to the success of our customers
  • Exercising and/or influencing leadership in the creation of quality communities
  • Ensuring our financial success so that our customers can be successful

How We Operate

At OCCK, the following set of management values describes our philosophy and guides our actions:

  • Commitment to Citizens

    We believe citizens have the right to expect a community that supports a quality of life that allows for personal dignity, respect, choice, and opportunity. We are committed to supporting those citizens and communities in realizing these goals.

  • Commitment to Excellence

    We strive for excellence in the promotion and delivery of individual and community services. We believe that progressiveness, competency, and a dedication to creating opportunities are vital in achieving such excellence.

  • Responsibility as Leaders

    We are committed to exercising leadership to attain and express the goals and values of the communities we serve. Such leadership requires the ability to set well-defined goals and to communicate the methods by which those goals are to be achieved. The exercise of leadership also means responding to the needs and ideas of our many stakeholders as those goals are formulated.

  • Value Our Employees

    We recognize that the most significant resource available to our organization is its employees. Our employees are entitled to a supportive work environment that encourages excellence and professional and personal growth.

  • Value Effective Communication

    We are committed to maintaining frequent and open communications with employees, participants, and the public.

  • Value Professional Ethics

    We affirm that personal integrity characterized by honesty, fairness, and confidentiality is the basis for our day-to-day conduct. We require personal integrity not only of ourselves but of our employees and colleagues.

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OCCK: More Than You Think

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Where We Serve

OCCK has more than 50 years of experience listening to the needs of people in North Central Kansas and developing services to meet those needs. We provide many services within the nine-county area of Cloud, Dickinson, Ellsworth, Jewell, Lincoln, Mitchell, Ottawa, Republic, and Saline. However, we also provide services in many other counties, with some services extending throughout the state.

Featured Testimonials

“We at the Phone Connection have developed a great working partnership with Jan and the team at OCCK. I have noticed their great attention to detail and creative approach for people with disabilities. Keep up the good work for the next 50 years.”

Leon Klaus, The Phone Connection

“I have been working with OCCK for many years and know how much they are doing for their clients in North Central Kansas, from the infant-toddler services and home health to the adult day programs and 81 Connection transport. There are so many more programs to help those in need; they (OCCK) are there. Thank you, OCCK, for being a vital part of the community.”

Mark Estey, Funk Medical & Mobility

How We Are Governed

  • OCCK’s volunteer Board of Directors addresses the policies needed to respond to the mission of OCCK.
  • OCCK is able to earn a profit, more accurately called a surplus, and such earnings must be retained by OCCK for the future provision of programs and services.
  • OCCK surplus funds are not distributed to owners or shareholders; instead, any surplus funds are used by OCCK to help pursue our goals.
  • Whereas for-profit businesses exist to earn and distribute taxable business earnings to owners and shareholders, OCCK exists solely to provide programs and services not otherwise provided by local, state, or federal entities.

Serving for More Than 50 Years

In 2020, OCCK celebrated 50 years of serving people with short or long-term disabilities. We invite you to find out more about our extensive history!

OCCK History