Why Choose to Self-Direct Services

  • Self-directed services are long-term services that help people of all ages across all types of disabilities maintain their independence and determine for themselves how their services and supports are provided.
  • Self-directed services are in-home services that support a person’s right to decide the types and levels of support they need to live independently.
  • When you direct your own services, you take control and decide WHO to hire, WHEN they work, and WHAT tasks they perform. You’re the employer and can hire any person you choose, including friends or family members. The choice is yours!

How We Can Help

OCCK can help you with:

  • Information and assistance.
  • Skills training every step of the way.
  • Understanding your person-centered service plan.
  • Tools to aid you with the hiring process, training, and managing your employees.
  • Knowledge about self-direction and your options.
  • Individual rights and responsibilities.
  • Advocacy.
  • (And more)

What to Expect

We can provide administrative support and handle all aspects of the below:

  • Maintaining payroll records and payments to employees
  • Performing background checks
  • Withholding taxes, reporting, and payment of taxes to the IRS
  • Filing workers’ compensation and the unemployment process
  • We maintain a list of attendants that are available for hire.

Did You Know?

  • Those who remain in their own homes are 40 percent more likely to continue making their own daily decisions related to meals, finances, and community outings.
  • People are less likely to cognitively decline due to more social engagements, also leading to better mental health and less depression when not in a facility.
  • OCCK provides an average of 70 hours a month of skills training to self-directed employers.

Counties Our Services Are Provided

If you do not see your county listed, you may contact us to discuss providing services in rural areas or outside the listed counties.

Resources For You (Self-Direction Employer)

Resources For Personal Assistants (PAs)

OCCK Customer Testimonials

“OCCK has helped me so much. They have helped me to learn how to buy my first home and taught me to budget so I could become my own payee and marry the love of my life.”

Wayne White, OCCK Customer

“I am so glad I have OCCK in my life. They have helped me to become better at budgeting and paying my bills so I could become my own payee. I have always wanted to become a welder, and they have helped me to enroll in college to make that dream come true.”

Brad Elson, OCCK Customer

“OCCK helped me gain the confidence I needed when I suddenly became my own payee. I was scared, but they helped me become and stay my own payee.”

Brandon Snavely, OCCK Customer

Contact Us About Self-Direction

If you are interested in self-direction and would like more information about Financial Management Services (FMS), please contact us at the below location/phone number or complete the secure online form.

  • OCCK Corporate Office

    • Address: 1710 W. Schilling Road or P.O. Box 1160 • Salina, Kansas 67401-1160   View Map/Get Directions
    • Direct: (785) 827-9383 Toll-free: 1-800-526-9731 Fax: (785) 823-2015

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