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Employee of the Quarter June 2020

Larry started working with Workforce Solutions in November after making the tough decision to quit his job delivering newspapers after a car accident. Larry had some excellent work experience but had not found the right fit for employment yet. He knew that he wanted to work with the public. To say that Larry loves meeting new people is an understatement. He brings joy to everyone that he meets and his smile can turn someone’s bad day around. Larry was very active with his job search and in March he landed a job working at Braum’s Ice Cream & Burger Restaurant as a crew member. He assists with dishing up ice-cream, making shakes and malts, cleaning, stocking, and his newest task is running the grill and making hamburgers which he really loves! This position has brought great joy to Larry and has helped him to reach his goal of being more independent. Congrats Larry! You are a joy to work with and we are all so proud of you!