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For over two years, Wendall worked part-time at The Salina Journal. Although he enjoyed the work he was doing, he was beginning to have difficult time due to the physical demand on his hands. He was working with a variety of machines that vibrate heavily and exacerbate his rheumatoid arthritis. Wendall chose to look for a different line of work in an environment, which would be conducive to his long term employment. He began working with OCCK, Inc.’s Workforce Solution’s team in October of 2017. The employment consultants helped Wendall update his resume and cover letter, help him identify the proper dress and groom for a professional job setting ,and practiced several mock interviews. He secured multiple job interviews and offers, and ultimately chose to work in the Food Service Department at Salina Regional Health Center. He was started at $10.25/hour with shift differential and benefits. Wendall enjoys the work he is doing, experiences minimal to no work-related pains in his hands, and gets a long very well with all of his coworkers.

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