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Employee of the 2nd quarter 2018 – Julie Robles

Julie came to Workforce Solutions having not worked for nearly 10 years. Her original plan had her securing a job of 10-15 hours per week. She was referred through the EDK Grant from Vocational Rehabilitation. Julie was motivated to work at the Goodwill Thrift store. Workforce Solutions staff visited with Leann, the Manager at Goodwill and proposed a short term work experience. Leann agreed to host Julie. Julie started in November working as a Pulls Specialist. She started working 2-3 hours at a time a few days a week and built her strength and stamina to working 20-25 hours per week. She was hired by Goodwill in March. Julie says she likes having a reason to get out of bed in the morning and enjoys the work and the people she works with and customers she sees at work. She says the money is nice too! Well Done Julie.