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September 23, 2020

Concordia, Kansas –  Shaela Bergeson, Independent Living Specialist with OCCK, delivers flexible seating to third grade teacher Starla Balthazor with Concordia Elementary School.

Starla is an advocate in providing flexible seating in her classroom.  Starla said, “I have been working for a couple of years to build more flexible seating in my classroom.  I want my classroom to feel like an extension of home, and I know sitting in a desk all day can be too much for kids.  I want them to be comfortable while learning.”

OCCK is honored to support local teachers in advocating for our youth.

OCCK, Inc. provides services in north central Kansas to anyone with any type of long or short-term disability, starting as early as birth and following people through their whole lives.  OCCK provides an array of supports for success at home and in the community, including independent living skills and supports, employment and career training, Alzheimer’s supports, autism services, assistive technology, children’s services, transportation, specialized therapies, and home health care.

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