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Celebrating Staff’s Dedication to Serving People With Disabilities

OCCK, Inc. recognizes that hardworking, dedicated staff are a key to the high quality of services provided to customers throughout North Central Kansas. The Annual Employee Service Banquet was held at the Salina Country Club on April 11. This year 30 employees with 3 to 30 years of service received awards. The employees who were recognized were:

3 Years

Mary Bader, Living Services, Beloit

Travis Cramer, Maintenance, Salina

Tammy Demel, InMyHome, Salina

Gretchen Eades, Transportation, Salina

Jessica Gonzales, Living Services, Salina

John Greenwood, Transportation, Salina

Courtney Hayes, InMyHome, Salina

Tawnie Heard, Transportation, Salina

Jane Kearn, Living Services, Salina

Cameron Krager, Living Services, Concordia

Trudy Morton, Transportation, Salina

Traci Patrick, InMyHome, Salina

Terry Peterson, Living Services, Beloit

Lannia Piper, Living Services, Salina

Jayne Sibley, Living Services, Beloit

Taya Smith, Living Services, Salina

5 Years
Debra Beals, Living Services, Beloit

Paula Downie, Transportation, Salina

Lexie Gilbert, Living Services, Concordia

Staci Lackey, Living Services, Abilene

Shayla Liby, InMyHome, Salina

Nancy Martin Living Services, Beloit

Cynthia Ortman, Living Services, Beloit

10 Years
Tim Dickinson, Transportation, Salina

Mark Gruenthal, Transportation, Salina

Lee Montgomery, Maintenance, Salina

Paula Stark, Transportation, Salina

15 Years

Irene Sell, Living Services, Salina

25 Years

Lisa Bader, Living Services, Beloit

30 Years

Melanie Brown-Hansen, Licensed Master Social Worker, Concordia*

*Not pictured