People tend to go through their daily lives performing a number of small tasks to which they don’t give another thought. Picking up something dropped on the floor, getting a glass of water, making a pot of coffee. These are the kinds of tasks that many people take for granted.
The Solution Outreach Center at OCCK helps people come up with solutions to assist them with maintaining or increasing their independence. “It can be as simple as a reacher that helps someone pick up something that they can no longer reach by bending over, up to systems that are called eye gaze systems that allow children and adults to control their computer through the movement of their eyes.”

The Center serves people of all ages and all disabilities in 22 counties in North Central Kansas. There are other centers throughout the state to allow everyone in the state access to these services. When someone approaches the Solution Outreach Center for assistance, staff will meet with them to start looking for solutions. Sometimes it will be an easy fix. Other times they will return to the center and bring back equipment for the person to try out. When the client has figured out their best solution, staff will assist them with identifying funding for the device. When the equipment is purchased, staff will help with training and setting it up if needed.

The Solution Outreach Center is one of 5 Assistive Technology Access Sites in Kansas through the Assistive Technology for Kansans Project. To learn more services or to call the Access Site in your area, call 1-800-526-3648.

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