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Congratulations to OCCK Transportation driver Rena Bishop, who is eligible to compete in the 2018 National Roadeo in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania in June 2018.

Rena won the Kansas State Roadeo in August 2015. KDOT recently announced that they are sending the 1st place winners from the last three years to the upcoming event.

KDOT will pick up the tab for her registration, hotel, travel and allowable per diem for the event.

The National Community Transportation Roadeo is an annual two-day competition for community and public transportation drivers among three divisions: body-on-chassis (BOC) vehicles (cutaway), 15-passenger vans and minivans. Contestants compete in four aspects of the event: a written test, a multiple-obstacle driving course, wheelchair securement and pre-trip inspection.

The event begins on Saturday evening with a mandatory meeting for all drivers, which is immediately followed by the written test. Drivers have one hour to complete the test. The following morning (Sunday), drivers rotate between the obstacle course, wheelchair securement and pre-trip inspection stations. Most drivers complete the three sections on Sunday in about six hours. A reception and banquet conclude the event on Sunday evening where winners are announced.

Average attendance in the Roadeo ranges from 65 to 75 drivers, with about 2/3 competing in the BOC divisions and 1/3 in the van division.

Scores of all drivers in each division in all four aspects of the competition (written test, obstacle course, wheelchair securement, pre-trip inspection) are compiled based on grades from the written test and scoresheets from judging teams at each obstacle and the wheelchair securement and pre-trip inspection positions.

The driver with the highest score wins their division. The ultimate winner of the event – who receives the Q’Straint / Sure-Lok Otis Reed Jr. Driver of the Year Award – is the driver who won their division by the greatest margin over the second place driver.

The written test is comprised of 25 multiple choice questions concerning safe driving procedures, customer service, accessibility for people with disabilities and other topics that are not specific to local or state-level regulations and laws. A total of 125 points are available in the written test.

The layout and sequence of the obstacle course changes every year based on the specific dimensions of the local site. In alphabetical order, the obstacles are: diminishing clearance; forward offset street; judgment stop; left turn; left-hand reverse; passenger stop; right tire clearance; right turn; right-hand reverse; serpentine and smoothness of operations. A total of 525 points are available in the obstacle course.

OCCK Transportation and KDOT are very proud of Rena’s great skill and safe manner in which she operates vehicles in the KDOT program and we wish her the best of luck for the competition.

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