Workforce Solutions

Because of our values around employment, OCCK initiated employment services through Workforce Solutions.  The focus of these services is two-fold; to work with people to assist them to be successful in employment and to work with local businesses to help meet their labor needs.

Our Employment Consultants work with job seekers through Job Prep by educating how to complete an employment application, develop a quality resume, write a cover letter, and practicing interviewing skills.  We also advise them on what employers are looking for in a quality employee.  Once Job Prep is complete, the job seeker is ready to look for a job and moves into Job Development, which is where the job seeker and their Consultant actively look and apply for jobs in their community.  Job Coaching is available if needed and follow-through services for successful employment retention to monitor how the job is going.

Workforce Solutions provides employment related services to businesses at no cost.  In addition to helping job seekers, Workforce Solutions works with Vocational Rehabilitation and TANF recipients through Department of Children and Families (DCF) to fund this program for individuals who qualify.  A private pay option is also available.  Our Workforce Solutions staff actively participates with local Chamber & Rotary organizations through networking, as well as Project Search Business Advisory Council (BAC).  Workforce Solutions serves individuals in a 9 county area at our Salina, Beloit, Abilene, and Concordia offices.

Gainful employment is one of the most effective ways of enhancing self-reliance, changing attitudes, reducing dependency on public benefits, and promoting community acceptance of all individuals we serve.  When people are employed, they pay taxes, buy goods & services, and support their community. Work gives people purpose, self-esteem, and a sense of accomplishment and pride. People should have every opportunity to pursue careers of their choice, participate in the workforce, and engage actively in the economic marketplace.  For more information, please call (800) 526-9731.

Salina’s largest Employment Expo is scheduled for Thursday, October 5.

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