Self Directed Services

OCCK, a Financial Management Services provider, is a not-for-profit Kansas corporation dedicated to helping people with physical or mental disabilities remove barriers to employment, independent living, and full participation in their communities.

Self-directed care allows people with disabilties or their designated representative to direct the service they receive.  The individual or individual’s representative is responsible for selecting, hiring, training, scheduling, and dismissing his or her presonal care providers and maintaining records.  OCCK, Inc., as a Financial Management Services provider, offers assistance as you navigate the services needed in your home.  Whether you need training to recruit workers, training on how to interview and schedule, emergency planning or knowing your rights, OCCK, Inc. staff can readily offer support tailored to your unique circumstances.

Information for Employers/Self-Directing Individuals:

Information for Personal Assistant/Direct Support Worker(s):

You can request your name be put on the PA/DSW list  This list is maintained by OCCK, Inc. for use by individuals who use our payroll agent services (the employer).  The employer decides when they need to hire help.  The employer gets a copy of the list and he/she decides who to interview and who to hire.  OCCK, Inc. does not perform any background checks prior to receiving new hire paperwork in the office.  To remain on the PA/DSW List, you must update your information at least every  90 days.  You can do this by calling Ashley, by email or by mail.
PA/DSW List form – Complete and return to office to be put on the list

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Helpful Links:

For a thorough explanation of self-directed services, review the Self-Directed Services and Individualized Planning website!

For a copy of the most current PA/DSW list, email Ashley

PA/DSW Training Video Links:

These videos are for informational purposes only and are not intended as a replacement for training that is provided by your employer.

How To Assist with Individual with Bedpan

Cleaning Upper and Lower Dentures

Partial Bed Bath

How to Make an Occupied Bed

How to Perform Catheter Care

How to Transfer from Bed to Wheelchair

How to Provide Foot Care

How to Provide Perineal Care to Incontinent Individual


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