OCCK makes staff training a high priority. Since my employment in 1976 with the agency, my colleagues and I have had the opportunity to learn and grow every single day. I started at OCCK as an employment trainer and advanced to employment coordinator, then had the opportunity to work as a service coordination specialist. Now I am the regional manager of residential and employment services. The agency looks at you as an individual and not just as an employee. Just as rewarding as the professional and personal support you get at OCCK is witnessing firsthand when the individuals we serve grow and successfully take on new responsibilities – for example, when they take on new jobs or move into their own apartments or learn new skills. It’s a privilege to work here and be part of it all.

Barb Wise – Beloit Regional Manager


I have been with OCCK for 13 years, and during that time I have come to understand how much we all share and have in common. I enjoy being with people no matter what their situation in life. We all have disabilities to some degree. This job enables me to deepen that understanding and live by that principle. As a case manager, I help people find the resources to meet their needs, encourage them to learn skills that will enable them to live more independently, and do the nuts and bolts things so that they can access the federal and state developmental disability systems. The personal growth and smiles of the people we serve make all our efforts worthwhile.

Jacque Skieff – Personal Supports Coordinator