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Ensuring You Feel Right at Home

OCCK, Inc. has been helping people with disabilities in North Central Kansas since 1970. Whether you choose to live in your own dwelling or you choose to reside in community living, our living services will help to ensure you feel right at home.

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Living Services

OCCK living services focus on providing you opportunities to learn skills to achieve a higher level of independence, as well as supporting you in deciding where you would like to live. You decide how much support and training you want and we design support based on your needs, wants, hopes, and dreams.

OCCK Inc Employment Kansas Living Services Living In Your Own Home

Living in Your Own Home

If you would like to live in your own home either alone or with others, OCCK can provide support and training that can include, but is not limited to:

  • Safety training and emergency assistance;
  • Physical fitness, medication, and health care skills;
  • Money handling, check writing, and budgeting;
  • Leisure/social options and choosing hobbies and interests;
  • Learning skills needed to live in your home or apartment;
  • Finding and using transportation;
  • Your rights and responsibilities as a citizen;
  • Other training as you request.
OCCK Inc Employment Kansas Living Services Community Living

Community Living

If you have chosen to reside in community living, related OCCK services are provided where you live and are designed to assist you to live successfully in the community you have chosen. We provide a wide variety of supports ranging from teaching independent living skills to traditional 24-hour residential services.

Service Area

OCCK serves individuals in a nine county service area within North Central Kansas, including the counties of: Saline, Dickinson, Ellsworth, Cloud, Ottawa, Republic, Mitchell, Jewell, and Lincoln.

Are You Interested in Living Services?

If you would like more information about living services, please contact us at the below location/phone number or complete the secure online form.

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