Family & Community Services

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Strengthening, Empowering and Enriching Lives

OCCK, Inc. has been partnering with families and communities in North Central Kansas since 1970, providing needed family and community services. Our goal is to strengthen, empower and enrich families and communities.


OCCK Family and Community Services

Infant Toddler Services

Infant Toddler Services is a family-centered early intervention program (birth to three years) provided by OCCK. Services are designed to meet the needs of children who are diagnosed with a developmental disability or children who exhibit a delay in a developmental skill area.

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Public Transportation

OCCK provides transportation services throughout North Central Kansas to the general public, seniors, and persons with disabilities. Over time, OCCK has expanded its transportation services so that more people can get to work, doctor’s appointments, the hospital, entertainment, shopping, and more.

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Retirement Services

Retirement can be an exciting, but difficult time. You may find that as you are planning for retirement or experiencing it, your needs change, and we can help you. Our staff will assist you in moving your retirement plan forward, providing a wide range of retirement services.

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