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Providing Employment Training to Job Seekers with Barriers to Employment

OCCK, Inc. believes all people should have every opportunity to pursue careers of their choice, participate in the workforce, and engage actively in the economic marketplace. As such, we offer employment training and services through Workforce Solutions. One of the focuses is to work with people to assist them to be successful in employment.

How We Help Job Seekers With Barriers to Employment

If you are a person with a disability seeking employment, Workforce Solutions can help. Our employment consultants will meet with you to discuss your needs and interests. Next, they will help you through three potential phases: Job Prep, Job Development and Job Coaching. Specific related services are outlined below.

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Employment Training and Services

Our employment consultants provide one-on-one career guidance and training to job seekers with barriers to employment.

  • Resume Development

    Our staff can assist you in preparing professional, quality resumes and cover letters. We teach you the skills to write a resume employers will read, and we work with job seekers to develop their work histories and coach them on how to improve their professional presentation.

  • Application Assistance

    We can help teach you how to properly complete a job application and suggest ways to improve your chances of getting noticed.

  • Interview Preparation

    Employment consultants can train you on interview techniques and arrange for mock interviews.

  • Career Guidance

    Consultants provide career guidance and can help you find work that matches your abilities and preferences. We can lead you through a process of evaluation and help you identify which jobs would be right for you.

  • Support Services

    Our job club meets monthly to explore issues affecting workers with disabilities. We offer support and information on finding and maintaining employment.

  • Training on Workplace Skills and Employer Expectations

    Often referred to as soft skills, these skills allow us to adapt or get along in most situations at work. They are the skills that dictate how we interact with supervisors, coworkers, and customers, and they include our personality traits, personal hygiene, timeliness, and interpersonal skills.

  • Job Coaching

    For people requiring additional support or training, we can provide job coaching services. We will work with you and your employer to help you learn the skills you’ll need to be successful. We have an array of resources available to us and can assist you in finding your learning style. We can prepare tools and resources to help you learn your job and we can help you explore assistive technology options that may be required.

  • Lending Library

    Do you want to know more about the world of work but don’t know where to start? Check out our array of books and videos on subjects such as interviewing, finding a job, and being successful as a new employee.

  • Information and Referral to Additional Services

    Oftentimes, employment is only one piece of the puzzle. Our fully trained staff is knowledgeable about other resources available to job seekers who may struggle with one or more issues. We can provide information and referral to a wide array of community services including low-income housing, drug and alcohol counseling, mental health services, and benefits planning specialists.

Project SEARCH

Project SEARCH is a partnership between Salina Regional Health Center, Kansas Rehabilitation Services, Central Kansas Cooperative in Education, and Workforce Solutions to provide on-site internship experiences for youth and adults with disabilities leading to competitive employment in the community. We follow interns through the year as they develop job skills and then work with interns after graduation to find employment.

Workforce Solutions is the job placement vendor for all existing Project SEARCH interns at Salina Regional Health Center.

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Vocational Rehabilitation and TANF Recipients

In addition to helping job seekers, Workforce Solutions works with Vocational Rehabilitation and TANF recipients through the Department of Children and Families (DCF) to fund this program for individuals who qualify. A private pay option is also available.

Employment Resources

Displaced or laid off workers, persons with disabilities, or persons new to the region could each benefit in some way from the Workforce Solutions services. If you know what job skills you have and what you would like to do, there are a few places you can look online for job openings.

State, Federal and Local Government Office Websites

Employment Listings

Service Area

Workforce Solutions serves individuals in a nine county area at our Salina, Beloit, Abilene, and Concordia offices including the counties of: Saline, Dickinson, Ellsworth, Cloud, Ottawa, Republic, Mitchell, Jewell, and Lincoln.

Are You Interested in Employment Training?

If you would like more information about employment training and services, please contact us at the below location/phone number or complete the secure online form.

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