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Celebrating Employee Dedication

OCCK, Inc. recognizes that hardworking, dedicated staff are a key to the high quality of services provided to customers throughout North Central Kansas. The Annual Employee Service Banquet was held at the Salina Country Club on April 5. This year 34 employees with 3 to 25 years of service received awards. The employees who were recognized were:

3 Years

Bill Arehart, Transportation, Salina
Christina Dorman, Living Services, Concordia
Kristi Fordham, Living Services, Beloit
Stephanie Gehring, InMyHome, Salina
Terrell Green, Transportation, Salina
Jim Gruber, Solution Outreach Center, Salina
Shelley Hanchett, Transportation, Salina
Mary Lou Heller, Living Services, Beloit
Natalie Lervold, Workforce Solutions, Concordia
Kristi McDowell, Employment, Abilene
Brandi Peterson, Transportation, Concordia
Dawn Sibley, Employment, Beloit
Jenny Soldan, Living Services, Salina
Shanna Sowers, Workforce Solutions, Salina
Yesica Swenson, Personal Supports, Salina
Kenneth Waldman, Transportation, Salina
Jaimie Wintholz, Transportation, Salina
Amy Wolfmule, Living Services, Salina

5 Years
Paul Callahan, Transportation, Salina
Stephanie Feuerborn, Living Services, Salina
Renee Gardner, Living Services, Concordia
Richard Holmgren, Transportation, Salina
Sierra Snyder, Living Services, Concordia
Jason Tieking, Transportation, Salina



10 Years
Jodi Agin, Employment, Salina
Brandon Alwin, Living Services, Concordia
Elzie Cunningham, Employment, Beloit
Felicia Johnson, Living Services, Concordia
Kendra Krier, Administration, Concordia
Kay Thompson, Living Services, Salina


15 Years

Michelle Thomas, Employment, Salina (not pictured)


20 Years

James Quillen, Administration, Salina
Selena Storer, Employment, Beloit






25 Years

Rex Sibley, Maintenance, Beloit