Self-Directed Care

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Self-Directed Services to Maintain Independence and Avoid Institutional Care

Self-directed services allow people with disabilities who are in need of in-home services to maintain their independence and avoid institutional care. With the help of a selected Financial Management Services (FMS) Provider, you or a representative you choose can control the services you receive from the state of Kansas.

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OCCK as Your FMS Provider

Once you choose OCCK, Inc. as your FMS Provider, a member of our self-direction team meets with you in person to review the required documentation. We will assist you with completing the enrollment process and answering any questions you may have.

Additionally, you will receive self-direction skills training on how to recruit, interview, hire, schedule, manage, and terminate personal assistants. Our staff will work with you on emergency planning and understanding state and federal rules pertaining to self-direction.

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You’ll Receive Needed In-home Care

Once your enrollment is approved, you can hire and self-direct personal assistants as your own employees to assist with tasks like laundry, housekeeping, meal preparation, bathing, personal care, ordering and setting up medications, attending doctor appointments, or shopping and errands.

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We’ll Take Care of the Financial Management and Payroll

As your FMS Provider, OCCK will handle all aspects of your employer and payroll services needs by managing the background check process, payroll records, payment of your employees, payment of required taxes, withholding taxes, reporting to the IRS, workers’ compensation, and the unemployment process.

Service Area

OCCK serves as an FMS Provider to individuals throughout the state of Kansas.

Resources for Personal Assistants (Direct Support Workers)


The PA/DSW List is maintained by OCCK and is utilized by individuals who use our payroll agent services (the employers) when they need to hire. The employer decides who to interview/hire. OCCK does not perform any background checks prior to receiving new hire paperwork in the office.

To request your name be put on the PA/DSW List, download, complete, and return the below form.

To remain on the List, you must update your information at least every 90 days. You may do so by contacting Ashley via the information below.

Ashley Strange

    • Direct:(785) 827-9383, ext. 170

To request a copy of the List, contact Ashley (see above).

Are You Interested in Self-Directed Services?

If you would like more information about self-directed services, please contact us at the below location/phone number or complete the secure online form.

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