Adult Day Services

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Increasing Your Independence, Integration, Inclusion, and Personal Accomplishment

OCCK, Inc. believes wellness during your lifetime is important, so we offer adult day services to individuals with developmental disabilities. Based on the individuals’ goals, we provide a wide array of learning and exercise options within the community and in-house. Such options help to increase independence, integration, inclusion, and personal accomplishment.

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Adult Day Services

OCCK offers opportunities tailored to your interests and needs. Adult day services are typically provided during working hours either at your place of work, one of our work centers, or at a business based out of your home. You will be provided with the opportunities to experience new things, learn new challenges, and have fun! The possibilities are endless.

We encourage individuals and their families to be involved with planning and shaping their services. Activities are flexible and can range from learning manufacturing skills, going to the Kansas State Fair, attending concerts, swimming, photography, and more!


Work Centers

OCCK serves individuals in a nine county area at our regional offices. If you are living in Saline, Dickinson, Ellsworth, Cloud, Ottawa, Republic, Mitchell, Jewell, or Lincoln county, we encourage you to contact one of our regional offices regarding adult day services.

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If you would like more information about adult day services, please contact us at one of the locations above or through the secure online form.