Disability & Assistive Services

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Services to Meet Your Unique Needs

OCCK, Inc. has been helping people with disabilities in North Central Kansas since 1970. We have a variety of disability services and assistive services to meet your unique needs, and our staff is well-trained and qualified to assist you.


OCCK Disability and Assistive Services

Case Management

OCCK provides case management services to children and adults with developmental disabilities. We assist you in accessing medical, social, educational, and other needed services.

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Financial Management Services

Self-directed care allows people with disabilities to maintain their independence and avoid institutional care. With the help of OCCK, you or a representative you choose can control the services you receive from the state of Kansas.

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Adult Day Services

OCCK offers adult day services to individuals with developmental disabilities. There are many learning and exercise opportunities available within the community or even in your own home.

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Assistive Technology

By modifying items in your home, school, or workplace, The Solution Outreach Center assists children and adults with disabilities to participate more independently within their environment through assistive technology.

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Employment Training

If you are a person with a disability seeking employment, Workforce Solutions can help. Our employment consultants will meet with you to discuss your needs and then work with you through a variety of phases.

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