Employment Training/Day Activities at Regional Office

We have many different employment learning opportunities at each office. We actively pursue a variety of subcontract work so people can experience an array of job learning opportunities. Prime manufacturing such as logo buttons, ice bags, and comfort cushions help people learn job skills through manufacturing these products. Our goal is for people to gain skills needed to become employed.

If work is not your primary interest, we offer many opportunities tailored to your interests and needs. Activities are centered around you. You will be provided with the opportunities to experience new things, learn new challenges and have fun! The possibilities are endless.

We encourage individuals and their families to be involved with planning and shaping their services. Activities are flexible and can range from learning manufacturing skills, going to the Kansas State Fair, attending concerts, swimming, and photography.

Wellness during your lifetime is important. OCCK offers an array of learning and exercise opportunities such as making healthy choices, using accessible fitness equipment, swimming, and many other activities.

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Developmental Disability Services are available in the following locations:
Abilene   |   Beloit   |   Concordia   |   Salina