The Community Development Disability Organizations (CDDOs) are designated by the State of Kansas to determine eligibility for Developmental Disability Services.

The CDDO will determine if you qualify, in accordance with Kansas Developmental Disability law. In general, you qualify if you have a mental and/or physical disability that occurred before your 22nd birthday and is likely to continue indefinitely. Your disability must result in limitations in three or more specific areas of life functioning such as: self-care, the understanding and use of language, learning and adapting, mobility, self-direction in setting goals, living independently, and economic self-sufficiency.

The local CDDO for the 9 county service area, which includes Salina, Dickinson, Ellsworth, Cloud, Ottawa, Republic, Mitchell, Jewel, and Lincoln counties, is:

Disability Planning Organization of Kansas, Inc. (DPOK)

Office Location: 119 W. Iron, 4th Floor, Salina, KS 67401
Phone Numbers: (785) 823-3173 or (866) 886-3765
FAX: (785) 823-3299
EMAIL: info@dpok.com

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