About OCCK

OCCK is a not-for-profit Kansas corporation dedicated to helping people with physical or mental disabilities remove barriers to employment, independent living, and full participation in their communities. Our organization has been in operation since 1970. Today over 250 OCCK employees from diverse educational and professional backgrounds pool their wide-ranging talents to build communities where everyone belongs.


In the late 60s, a passionate group of parents came together to initiate services in their communities for their sons and daughters who at that time had no services. In 1969, OCCK incorporated and began employment services in Salina and quickly expanded services throughout our nine county region.


OCCK has 40 years experience of listening to the needs of people in North Central Kansas and have developed services to meet those needs. The person is the focal point of services and they direct their services. We do not believe that you should fit into services, but that services should be built around you. Services change and your needs change. Disability is natural in our society and should be embraced as a part of life. Most of us will experience a disability through the course of our life. When given the right information, people can be an integral part of their community.