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Our People Are the Mainstay of Quality Services

OCCK, Inc. is comprised of 280 staff members from communities throughout North Central Kansas. We are committed to creating a positive and productive work environment that ensures our accountability to persons receiving services. OCCK believes staff training and development activities are a priority and the mainstay of quality services.

Meet OCCK Leadership

OCCK Inc Employment Kansas Our Team Shelia Nelson Stout View Bio
Shelia Nelson-Stout President/Chief Executive Officer
image description I like to be a part of an organization that assists people to gain or maintain their independence. I enjoy seeing children and adults succeed at the things they want to do. Being a part of the many communities we serve is fulfilling.

Year Started at OCCK: 1981

  • Collects antiques, refinishes furniture and helped her husband restore their 100+ year old home
  • Has raised deer, calves, horses, cats, muskrats and a raccoon
  • Trained and showed horses professionally, and currently has a horse named Jake
Pat Website View Bio
Patrick Wallerius Vice President/Chief Financial Officer
image description I like working at OCCK because of its mission, diversification, the challenges of my position and the staff.

Year Started at OCCK: 1990

  • Is increasingly passionate about life, because it “beats the alternative!”
  • Enjoys watching movings, reading, working in the yard and spending quiet time with his wife
  • Grew up on a farm/ranch, used to ride a Harley, drive a cool car, played sports and still has many of the same friends to this day
Susan Sprague C View Bio
Susan Sprague Vice President of Expansion and Communication
image description OCCK has a strong mission statement working with individuals and communities, regardless of a age or disability.  It is a place people share a culture of kindness, diversity, and integrity.

Year Started at OCCK: 2018

  • I love to go running or bike riding with my friends, we are the 50 and over bunch! In fact, the gals I run with are Crossfit trainers!
  • Love to read outside on the porch when it is warm out.  My 4 year old boxer/lab usually joins me.
  • My first job was working downtown at a woman’s clothing store in my small Nebraska home town.  My hourly wage was $1.80 per hour!
  • Drove a powder blue Maverick in high school and wish I had that car today.
OCCK Inc Employment Kansas Our Team Kendra Krier View Bio
Kendra Krier Beloit, Concordia & Salina Regional Manager
image description I was originally drawn to OCCK because of its employment opportunities. I have continued to work at OCCK because it is a place that demands excellence and it continually allows people to grow professionally.

Year Started at OCCK: 2007

  • Likes to see the countryside with family, hunt, fish, and coach competitive sports
  • Described as competitive (competed in gymnastics and volleyball in childhood) and passionate
  • Is a risk-taker and willing to take on any challenge put in her path
OCCK Inc Employment Kansas Our Team Deanna Lamer View Bio
Deanna Lamer Sr. Human Resources Director
image description I appreciate that staff are truly valued by the OCCK leadership. We know that our services are only as good as the people who provide the services. Working for a mission-driven organization is very rewarding and the priorities are different than a for-profit company.

Year Started at OCCK: 1996

  • Believes you must be open to opportunities in order to make wonderful discoveries, which is why she transitioned from medical technology studies to personnel administration studies
  • Enjoys music and, despite her lack of a singing voice, got involved at church by joining the bell choir
  • Loves everything Christmas, including decorating, Christmas music/movies and the traditions of the season
OCCK Inc Employment Kansas Our Team Shanna Consbruck View Bio
Shanna Sowers Director of Workforce Solutions
image description Working for OCCK has been a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. They have the same philosophy that I do and show concern for their employees. They plan fun activities to reward staff for a job well done.

Year Started at OCCK: 2014

  • Likes spending time with family, grandchildren, her two dogs, two cats and one rabbit
  • Enjoys the National Hot Rod Association and watching her husband drag race
  • Is a news junkie who always seeks out the good in our crazy world
OCCK Inc Employment Kansas Our Team Stephanie Gehring View Bio
Stephanie Wedel InMyHome Administrator
image description When I started at OCCK, I was not only impressed, but intrigued by the longevity of employment by many employees. I quickly noticed the employee appreciation, the diversity of opportunities, as well as the family oriented atmosphere within OCCK. I continue to be impressed with the values and how those values are portrayed in all of the services that OCCK provides.

Year Started at OCCK: 2014

  • Favorite place is to be surrounded by friends and family
  • Describes herself as “that mom” at her kids’ sporting events
  • Performed in a college football game halftime show when she was in 8th grade
OCCK Inc Employment Kansas Our Team Leslie Webb View Bio
Leslie Webb Director of Risk Management
image description I am committed to advocating for individuals with disabilities and the organizations that serve them. In addition to my duties at OCCK, I continue to consult on insurance and risk management issues for other non-profits in the state that serve the needs of disabled individuals.

Year Started at OCCK: 2016

  • Has two large “doodles” she spends much of her spare time grooming and caring for
  • Enjoys working in her yard, tending to flowers and taking day trips with her husband
  • Used to race jet skis and was ranked sixth best female amateur racer in the world
Michael Daniels View Bio
Michael Daniels Assistive Technology Director
image description "I wanted to work for an organizationl that truly believes in community integration. OCCK is that organization and now, I have the honor of being part of something special."

Year Started at OCCK: 2020

  • Enjoys cheering on the University of Kentucky Wildcats? #BBN
  • Is known for his sense of humor and accent
  • Waits for TV shows to appear on Netflix and Prime so he can binge watch a season in one day
  • Believes in Servant Leadership and helping his OCCK Team reach new heights
OCCK Inc Employment Kansas Our Team Jan Pfannenstiel View Bio
Jan Pfannenstiel Office & Administrative Support Manager
image description I enjoy working for OCCK because we assist all individuals with disabilities. In my role there are never two days alike in my job and I love the variety of my duties.

Year Started at OCCK: 1990

  • Enjoys attending neighborhood get-togethers and cheering on favorite teams (go Royals, K-State Football, and Kansas City Chiefs!)
  • Quilts, makes gifts for friends and family, and used to play the piano
  • Is known for always going and not sitting idle
OCCK Inc Employment Kansas Our Team Michelle Griffin View Bio
Michelle Griffin Mobility Manager
image description OCCK's mission is to make transportation safe, affordable, quality, and efficient in Salina and the surrounding communities. Providing the best possible service for Salina's residents, while also having a regional focus, lets OCCK be a leader in our field.

Year Started at OCCK: 2016

Has five children and relies on Dr. Pepper to get her through a very busy schedule

Coaches youth athletics, volunteers at school, organizes community service projects and leads the local 4-H club

Bleeds purple, so her favorite place is game day in “Manhappiness” (otherwise known as Manhattan)— go Wildcats!

Learn More About OCCK Staff

Enhanced Staff Qualifications

  • OCCK has always invested in training for all staff and in particular the Direct Support Professionals (our trainers) who play such a critical role in the lives of persons with disabilities. As a means to enhance that investment, we have incorporated the College of Direct Support (CDS) into our employee development program. CDS addresses best practices for Direct Support Professionals by incorporating web-based learning with nationally recognized curricula.
  • Workforce Solutions Employment Consultants completed classes to become certified Offender Workforce Development Specialists. This designation means they have received specialized training regarding job placement for customers with criminal backgrounds.
  • Staff who are Certified Support Employment Professionals (CESP) through the Employment Support Professional Certification Council, a Nationally Recognized credentialing body
  • Certified Transitional Living Services Specialists qualified to provide Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver Services
  • The Solution Outreach Center at OCCK has an Assistive Technology staff credentialed as Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) through the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA). This credential validates qualifications, knowledge, and specific requirements in the field of Assistive Technology.
  • Staff attended training to become certified in the Vermont Progressive Employment Model.
  • All employees who operate vehicles complete defensive driving training.
  • One hundred percent of staff who have contact with persons in services are current in CPR and First Aid.
  • Staff who provide any type of transportation service attend Rural Transit Assistance Program Training that addresses vehicle, driver, and passenger safety.
  • Our Home Health Agency employs professional staff such as Registered Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Speech Language Pathologist and Certified Home Health Aides.
  • Licensed Master Social Worker who specializes in positive behavioral supports for persons with developmental disabilities