It is an electronic device that allows a person to control a computer or tablet by looking at words or commands on a video screen. A very low intensity light shines into one of the user’s eyes. A television camera picks up reflections from the cornea and retina. As the direction of the person’s gaze moves, the relative position of the two reflections changes, and the computer uses this information to determine the area at which the person is looking. The computer then executes the selected command.

This technology is used for people who cannot control a computer or a tablet by standard methods such as a keyboard or a mouse. The staff at the Solution Outreach Center at OCCK, Inc. have used this technology with people as young as 9 months to senior citizens. Our customers are using it for communication, educational programs, email, Facebook, reading a book, exploring the Internet and turning on their TV. Currently we have the PCEye Mini, and myGaze Eye Tracker. Information on these two devices is below, other companies also have eye gaze technology.

If you would like more information on this technology or would like to request a demonstration, please call the Solution Outreach Center at OCCK, Inc. 785-827-9383 or 1-800-526-9731 or your nearest Assistive Technology Access Site 1-800-526-3648.
PCEye Mini
The PCEye Mini replaces the standard keyboard and mouse, allowing you to navigate and control your laptop or small screen desktop computer using only your eyes.

myGaze Eye Tracker
With simple USB connection to your device, myGaze Eye Tracker provides accurate eye tracking and cursor control. An elegant but robust solution for all individuals, whether learning early eye gaze skills or accessing all areas of the computer.

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